• Oil & Gas including:
    • Exploration, Drilling, Architects, Engineers & Consultants, Lease Operators, Lease Work, Site Prep Contractors, Servicing, Pipeline Operations & Construction
  • Utilities including:
    • Contractors, Independent Power Producers, Publicly Owned, Investor Owned, Merchant Power, Co-Generation, Wind, Solar, Projects - Build, Own, Operate or Sell Combinations
    • Nuclear Projects - Non Pool
  • MEL: (Jones Act)
    • Not Limited to Energy Risks
  • Alternative Energy including:
    • Biomass, Co-Generation, Wind, Ethanol, Geothermal, Landfill Methane, Solar, Microturbines, Nanotechnology-Energy Related, Research & Development, Manufacture, Start-ups, Construction, Facility Operation, Project Planning & Management
  • Mines:
    • Above Ground & Underground Mines, Equipment Mfg, Repair Contractors & Supply Companies
  • Manufacture, Installation, Service & Repair of Equipment Used in the Energy Industry

FREEDOM PACK® is a flexible package product that brings together a variety of important Casualty and Professional coverages for your Energy clients. Easy-to-read forms connected through a single Declarations page and Common Conditions make this a versatile and client-friendly product with clear intent of coverage, limitations and exclusions.

COVERAGE PARTS: Available individually or in combination with any other.

  • Commercial General Liability (ISO 12/07) - Occurrence or Claims Made
    • Time Element Pollution available by endorsement
  • Contractor's Pollution Liability (Part B) - Occurrence or Claims Made
    • Defense outside of limits
    • Includes Blanket AI, Blanket Waiver of Subrogation, & Primary & Non-contributory language
    • Includes limited Site Environmental Liability for a contractor's yard
    • Non-owned Disposal Site Coverage options
    • Transportation Pollution Liability Coverage options
  • Professional Liability (Part C) - Claims Made - Defense included in limit
    • Includes BI & PD
  • Site Environmental Liability (Part D)- Claims Made (coverage not available for mining risks)
    • Includes mitigation expenses up to the full policy limit
    • Can be written for up to 3-year terms (For Site Environmental only policies)
  • Products Pollution Liability (Part E) - Claims Made - Defense included in limit