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Claims Department
James River Insurance Company
P.O. Box 27648
Richmond, VA 23261


(804) 420-1058, Attention: Claims Department

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(804) 289-2712

Reporting a Claim?

New Claims must be reported in writing by Fax, E-mail or by mail.

New claims notices are not accepted by telephone.

If you are reporting a claim involving an Uber vehicle, see the instructions below.

Uber Claim Reporting and Trip Verification Information

Trip Verification Form 

To determine if a driver was using the UberPartner application at the time of an accident, please use this  online form*.


Uber Claim Reporting Forms

Uber Drivers-                                     Follow the instructions in this  link*
Uber Passengers-                             Follow the instructions in this  link*
Uber Reporting Form-                     Complete this  form*


Please note that James River Insurance Company does not insure Uber drivers in all states at all times.  Please follow this  link* to find insurance carrier information for incidents that occurred on or after 03/01/2018.


If you are inquiring about an existing claim, please contact your claims representative directly or call  (804) 289-2712.


*This link redirects to a third-party website


***The information transmitted to James River Insurance Company may be shared with a third party for driver validation.  Please allow 36 hours to process your claims notice before resubmitting***